Manuela Fiala

I was born in springtime 1979 in vienna.
Like many of my friends I didn´t know which career to pursue after my exam.

Very soon i´ve learned that needle and thread
will not be part of my future life anymore, so i had to look
after an other way to earn money....

At the age of 21 i choosed to start a training in photography
and started to portrait pupils. During my work as portrait pohotograher
i had to admit that this wouldn´t be my real passion,
so i learned more about the other aspects of photography and took pictures
of nearly everything that crossed my way. Meanwhile i choose my motives more wisely...

Since 2010 I am working as a professional photographer specialising in colours creating different feelings and emotions, which I will use to personalize your pictures and open your mind, taking you to a whole new level...

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